About us

We offer the audience not only an authentic experience of a salsa party, but also an enthralling journey into the salsa history. Our selection of songs ranges from the eldest classics of the 1960s and 1970s (La Fania, Ray Barreto, Héctor Lavoe, Willie Colón, El Gran Combo, Oscar de León, Joe Arroyo, Rubén Blades, Fruko y sus Tesos) to the most recent hits of contemporary salsa. We also present the greatest musicians of “sensual salsa,” which dominated the last two decades of the last century: Frankie Ruiz, Eddie Santiago, Jerry Rivera, Luis Enrique, Los Adolescentes, etc. Finally, we pay tribute to some of the figures of the contemporary popular salsa such as Marc Anthony, Maelo Ruiz, Gilberto Santa Rosa, etc. The famous genre “Son Cubano,” which inspired salsa music, is also included in our spectacle with artists like Compay Segundo or Buena Vista Social Club.    At the moment La Descarga is preparing its debut album, which will be soon launched on the Latin American and European market.
La Descarga is an international salsa orchestra based in Prague.  Its name in Spanish means a sudden release of energy that we try to transmit on stage and pass on our audiences.

Group members are:
Javier Marroquín Urdanivia – voice, percussion, founder (Peru)
Kieren Alexander – keyboards, composition (Australia)
Marek Kacaljak – keyboards (Slovakia)

Jhonny León – voice (Peru)
Reynier Oller Pavon – bass (Cuba),

Fernando Dávila – timbales (Peru),

Aldo Ferra – percussion (Italy)
Leonardo Rivero – conga, chorus (Cuba),
Carlos “Pajarraco” Espinoza – bongo, chorus (Peru),
Roman Nemec – trumpet (Czech Republic),

Marek Krasny – trumpet (Czech Republic),
Štěpán Kněžek – trombone (Czech Republic),

Radek Riedl – trombone (Czech Republic)

Guest musician include: Ivar Aguirre – voice (Bolivia),  Marek Caba – bass (Czech Republic), Jarda Pokorny – bass (Czech Republic), Michael Caba – percussion (Czech Republic), Jiří Pělucha – congas (Czech Republic), Manuel Guara – trumpet (Cuba), Filip Jiskra – trombone (Czech Republic), Miloš Petřík – trombone (Czech Republic).